Dr. Perkins talking with a patient


At CCAO, we are often able to provide diagnostic services in our offices at the time of a patient’s office visit. We provide in-office phlebotomy (blood drawing) services for the convenience and comfort of our patients. When diagnostic services cannot be provided in our office, we work closely with several local hospitals and imaging facilities to provide accurate, convenient testing for our patients.

Several of the recent advances in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis involve administration of medication by intravenous infusion. We have comfortable and convenient infusion centers in each of our offices. Our providers are also skilled at administering medications via injection into joints and surrounding structures.

Infusion Centers

The staff at CCAO is proud of our comfortable infusion centers where patients receive intravenous medications to help treat their conditions. Our nursing staff makes the safety and comfort of our infusion patients its highest priority. A provider is always in the office during infusions should any problems arise during the infusion process. Another advantage of our in-office infusion centers is that the patient’s visit with his or her provider can usually be coordinated to occur during the infusion, further streamlining the provision of these highly effective treatments. Finally, an infusion in the office setting is much less costly than the same infusion at a hospital and can save patients and insurers thousands of dollars a year.

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