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A Patient – Centered Approach to Rheumatology Care

Our patients are of all ages, and, since no one treatment plan will meet every patient’s needs, a treatment approach will be designed that fits each patient’s needs, values, and lifestyles. Our providers are trained in the Western, scientifically-based style of medicine, but we respect a patient’s right to seek other forms of therapy and are open to discussing complementary and alternative treatments with our patients.

Arthritis Care

Autoimmune Disorders


Infusion Center

The staff at CCAO is proud of our comfortable infusion centers where patients receive intravenous medications to help treat their conditions. Our nursing staff makes the safety and comfort of our infusion patients its highest priority. A provider is always in the office during infusions should any prolems arise during the infusion process

Patient Testimonials

“Amanda Mixon is such an amazing healthcare provider. She is so compassionate and knowledgeable. I always feel better about my diagnosis after each visit.”

“I had read information regarding Hayley, Dr. Walter’s amazing dedication to her field and all the extensive research, hard work and intense training she had completed. I was impressed before even meeting her however, my expectations were exceeded. She was compassionate and caring. She was very thorough and provided excellent explanation regarding information and instructions. I feel immensely less stressed about how to move forward with my disease and treatment and feel I’m in the best hands.”

“After seeing multiple heath care providers Dr. Chaudhary was able offer a solution to my health issues.”

“Dr. Maynard was so helpful, she listened to me, then asked a lot of questions to help figure out what is causing my challenges. I felt very comfortable talking with her, and I am grateful to have her as my doctor.”

I have been a patient of Dr. Perkins for a number of years and have always felt very well cared for. He always has time to address any questions or concerns that I may have and responds clearly and in a manner I can understand.

Dr. Gibson is great. She listens to all my concerns and develops appropriate plans/meds to treat my symptoms. Her bedside manner is exceptional. I am extremely confident in her expertise in her field. She is one of the best doctors I have ever had and I’m grateful to be in her care!

All Staff – remarkably helpful, kind and accommodating every single time…every single contact! One of the most prominent and important reasons for my satisfaction with CCAO is due to the remarkable care of Dr. Joseph Lutt, to whom I owe a great debt for his amazing treatments and overall care of chronic gout — which for the past few years has been virtually non – existent. He is a top-notch medical professional in every way. Eternally grateful!!

“Dr. Moinuddin was amazing. I feel like I’ve found the right doctor for me, and the feeling was almost instantaneous. He listened to every ache and pain I described. He listened to me talk about pains and things I’ve had since I was a child and helped me understand more about my body and why it’s unique and what challenges I have because of it. He never appeared rushed, impatient or unconcerned. I’m confident I’m in good hands, and am looking forward to receiving more care from him. I’m sure he’ll have a long and successful career, and I feel very fortunate to call him my doctor.”

“Dr. Schreiner and his team were wonderful! He was so empathetic and really explained what he found in my blood work and from my physical exam. I felt very reassured by the care I received from both him and his staff!”

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