Referring Providers

While our expertise lies most heavily in the area of treating autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, we are happy to assist you in the evaluation and medical management of non-inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders as well, whether common or esoteric.

Experience That Counts

Founded in 1998, our mission is to provide timely, thorough, expert care for your patients, care that is truly unsurpassed in the region (Front Range and beyond). While our expertise lies primarily in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and osteoporosis, we are happy to assist in the evaluation of non-inflammatory disorders as well, including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or that unexplained positive ANA. We understand that we are often most helpful when ruling out one of “our diseases” and reassuring patients about symptoms or lab results.

We have high standards for all of our providers and strive to be a place where we would all be comfortable sending our family and friends and know they are in good hands. We initially focus on identifying and hiring outstanding rheumatologists to join our practice.

We then regularly review the performance of our providers with the goal of continuously improving patient care. This includes the results from patient and employee surveys as well as patient chart review. In order to stay up-to-date with the rapidly advancing field of Rheumatology, we hold a monthly journal club to present recent publications and discuss complicated patients. Finally, we also work as a cohesive group with constant access to more than a dozen other rheumatologists who may have more experience in a certain area or who may have seen a similar patient or issue. It is often a relief to patients and providers alike to be able to say, “I’m not sure, but let me bounce it off some of my partners and I’ll get back to you.”

Our Practice Areas

Arthritis Care

Autoimmune Disorders


Our Core Values

Our patients’ needs will be first.

The practice exists to provide superior rheumatologic service for our patients.

We will serve the needs of our referring providers and respect their primary role in our partnership in caring for patients.

We will provide rapid, expert, and accurate feedback to referring providers in order that they can factor our treatments into the overall care of their patients.

We will treat all team members with respect.

Having dedicated people in the right positions is critical to superior patient care. We recognize the importance of everyone in this effort and provide continuous education to make sure all team members are trained to provide high quality care and service.

We will be ethical in all our dealings.

Whether you are a patient, referring provider, fellow employee, insurance company, government agency, or supplier, we pledge to deal honestly and ethically with you.

We will strive to continuously improve.

We have worked to create a patient-centered culture built around teamwork and breaking down barriers within our practice. Whether in the nursing, billing, or front office department, all team members understand they have an important role to play in providing outstanding service.

5 Locations Across The Front Range

With 5 locations across the front Range, CCAO is uniquely equipped to help Coloradans at a location convenient for them.